It’s a joke, It’s all a joke. (amended)

I’ve been fairly unhappy lately. I want to say I’m not sure why, but I know. I’m buried in debt, plagued by chronic pain, don’t give a shit about my job, and fighting alcohol again. Welcome to the American Dream? It’s a joke, and I’m not laughing.

Now that I got that out of the way. Things have the possibility of changing soon. There is a management position open a couple hours from home. I might finally get to see what I’m made of. I’ve been working towards this for the past 4 years. All in good time though I suppose. I will be moving regardless if I change jobs, which will be nice. I do appreciate the help I’ve received from my family, but it is time for me to get on with life.

A friend told me today that if they could give me one thing, it would be happiness. I’ve noticed most, if not all, of my thoughts on being happy start with, “I would be happy IF”. I’m going to try and start being happy just because. Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it.

Hope everyone has a good week. Whatever your doing, if it’s good for your mind, spirit, and body, keep it up. Remember, you are worth it!


Author: thelifeofhappy

Just a guy finding little things every day that bring happiness into my life and doing my best to live sober.

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