Some of the people I work with bring much undue stress into the work environment. It’s almost like they thrive on drama and stress. What’s the deal? I’ve got to learn to deal with it I suppose. I need to get promoted haha. Here’s to no stress this evening.


Finally the weekend!

Well we finally made it to the weekend. My brother and I tore down an old swing set last night and hauled it to the dump this morning. Had a good lunch at Ron’s today and now it’s time to relax. Heading out to see the family tomorrow for Easter and have some fun with the nephew. Hope everyone has a good weekend and a Happy Easter if that’s your thing.


Today went fairly well. Started out strong at work but then the afternoon slowed to a crawl as usual. Some one mentioned that the attack on Syria has people spooked, maybe. Finished a couple projects at work which turned out good. My desire to put a fresh dip in every hour seems to be waning, which is nice. Might be able to start kicking the habit soon, Lord willing. Looks like this prayer thing works, ha ha. Thanks to that and the Lord answering when I called, I will be 1 year sober at the end of May. That is awesome. Looks like it is time to go find some dinner. Hope anyone who reads this has a good evening. Until next time.


Heading to work in a few. This morning has started out being bland. I am fighting allergies and a don’t care attitude at the moment. Time to get dressed and see what the good Lord has to say to inspire me today. Hope everyone has a good day.