You are worth it.

I use this phrase a lot when I comment on posts about sobriety and life changing events. It is not something I use lightly. I truly believe that it is true. You. Are. Worth. It. How many lives would have/could have been changed by those four words. So regardless of my demons and battles that I have daily, I try to remember that, and tell others as well. It is not a catch all for me, it is a be all. You are worth it. Whatever it is, if it’s improving or adding to your life, you are worth it. It’s worth the struggle, the doubt, the heartache, the ridicule, the success, the happy, the disappointment, the living of life, existence, the mundane, the anger, the sadness, the regret. But most importantly, the happy, the accomplishments, the success, the iron will, the fuck it. Everything else can go away. Don’t give up on you or your life. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Sometimes the dawn is far away, but it always shows. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Remember, you are worth it!